Automate ASX related tasks on your website


Automatic Market Data Integrated Notifications Low Cost
Save time and money by having your website automatically update when new ASX Announcements are submitted to the market.
Data can include share price, graphs, market indices, foreign markets, exchange rates and resource prices so visitors stay on your website rather than leaving for external pages.
Share Link talks to your website content management system so you can edit any changes made (currently supports Wordpress, Joomla & Article Manager).
Email notifications are sent to you when ASX Announcements are added to your website.
One low monthly fee based on the functions you require.



Features included: Bronze Plan Basic share price data Silver Plan Advanced share price data & graphs Gold Plan All features & Automated ASX Announcements
Current price ▲Yes ▲Yes ▲Yes
Movement (up/down) ▲Yes ▲Yes ▲Yes
Last update ▲Yes ▲Yes ▲Yes
Share Price graph ▼No ▲Yes ▲Yes
Resource/Commodity Prices ▼No ▲Yes ▲Yes
Multiple prices ▼No ▲Yes ▲Yes
ASX Announcements automatically inserted into your
CMS or website
▼No ▼No ▲Yes
Note: All plans require a $150 set up fee. Contract period is annual. $30.00 / month
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$50.00 / month
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$75.00 / month
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